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This division waits up for the quality in the air activities made in the IVAO System.
That's why, we give the next functions to our members.

Promote Events

Our members through of the system will be able to be aware about the next events.


Our members will be able to contact us through the system.


Our system has a good and full training place for the members.


Our unique system gives you the option to edit your profile.


Our services are conected indirect and directly with IVAO.


The quality is not improvised, as a result of that, we have ATC and RFE System.


Active Members at the moment!
Pilots, Controllers and Staff.


There is not any ATC Online.

There is not staff of IVAO Colombia Division Online.

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There are 0 controllers, 1 pilots, and 0 Staff´s members online in Colombia.

IVAO World

There are 35 ATC(s) and 347 pilot(s) online in IVAO.

Quality and Efficiency

IVAO Colombia has an administrative place for the Staff
It has the next benefits that are offer for the members.

Private Statistics

We have information about the members that visit the website.

Timing Events

The Events are shown according to the schedule.

Maintenance System

Un adecuado mantenimiento a la web.

Innovative Ideas

The departaments are working together.

Digital Service

Our website is flexible on any device.

RFE System

We have Quality's System for the Real Flight Event.


Here we have a short information collected statistics of the IVAO Colombia division.

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Division's Place


IVAO Colombia

What is it?

Keeping the high quality standars for air controllers and pilots.

By 2020 We will have become one of the best divisions worldwide.
  • Improve the division's level.
  • Help the division's members.
  • Promote the creation of airlines.
  • Cheer the members up to get training.
  • The Director of Colombia IVAO division is:
  • Miguel Ángel Arias
  • The Assistant Director of Colombia IVAO division is:
  • Vacant

    The International Virtual Aviation Organisation (IVAO) was created in 1998 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to give free service to aviation enthusiasts. You can enjoy participating in simulated flight across the world, as well as provide traffic control service.


    The main objective of IVAO is to provide a quality environment and the community realism of the simulated flight , this includes a real-time system for operations ONLINE , a database with information about aviation training organization and events online.

    The Republic of Colombia , is located northwest of South America , the only country washed by two oceans on this continent , the Atlantic and the Pacific , has an area of 1,141,748 square kilometers , which added to the maritime area for a total of 2,070,408 square kilometers and has a population of about 45 million. The country is characterized by mostly mountainous, due to the ridge system located in southwestern , central, western and northeastern regions , however the plains are in the east and north and south characterized the latter being a sylvan place and inaccessible air transport being the only tool to get there.

    The IVAO ATC client, known as the Pro Controller is an autonomous program developed specifically for IVAO , based on real radars of Belgocontrol , Eurocontrol and Amsterdam Radar , which lets you control the network.

    IVAO pilot client IvAp known as , is a plug -in that allows programs to connenct flight simulation network of IVAO using the following simulators:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/X
  • X-Plane 8 /9/10
  • Prepar3D



    Every Day, We make all the possible thing to improve the division.

    Miguel Ángel Arias/ Director of IVAO CO

    Helping to keep and improve the quality standars.

    Andrés Esteban Zapata Guzmán/ Webmaster of IVAO CO

    Aviation leading to the top!

    Staff working every day to get the best results and become the best division of IVAO.

    Do you have any questions, recommendation or opinion? Tell us!

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